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Buy (or Sell) Assets: Jamieson Consulting has experience working with companies to prepare for acquisition, sale or spin-out, to complete the transactions and to integrate or divest the affected assets. Specific projects have included:

  • Acquisition of an imaging software business and a hierarchical storage management software business and subsequent integration of the acquired assets into an existing "carved-out" software business. Combined businesses were subsequently sold as a single division.

  • Development of an interim outsourcing agreement for the maintenance of an on-line travel business which resulted in an outright sale of assets financed through future revenue.

  • Purchase of selected assets of a troubled on-line services company with negative cash flow for integration into existing assets of a publicly-traded media and marketing business.

  • Acquisition of a $2.3 billion Global IT services business including, the supervision of foreign counsel and data collection efforts in 12 countries and the early adoption of a global electronic data production system.

  • Carve-out of a $55 million Brazilian IT banking services company for acquisition and recovery of $1.7 million of the purchase price through re-negotiations with the seller.

  • Buyout of a joint-partner interest in a Mexican IT banking solutions business and acquisition of a Mexican IT/Cisco networking services company while implementing a labor reduction and the integration of the newly acquired operations into an existing Mexican IT business.


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