Build Your Business l Partner With Others l Buy (or Sell) Assets

To be successful in today's competitive market, a company must be able to accomplish its objectives quickly, while controlling costs and minimizing risk. These goals can be accomplished more effectively with the assistance of legal counsel who understands the real-life demands of corporate decision making and has operational experience in a variety of industries.

With over 15 years of experience as in-house and outside legal counsel, with particular expertise in contract negotiation and development, Jamieson Consulting is available to work with your team to build critical relationships with clients, to partner with other companies and to help your business prepare for strategic change. Services are offered on a project or ongoing "outsourced General Counsel" basis.

Jamieson Consulting offers companies a high quality, practical and cost-effective alternative to expensive outside corporate counsel or additional in-house legal personnel. Jamieson Consulting offers legal services that help you:

Build Your Business through the development of:

  • Supply, Maintenance and Support Agreements for new and existing products and services;
  • Licenses and Customer Contracts that are sophisticated but easy for your sales force to use; and
  • Marketing and Media Programs designed to build stronger distribution and sales channels.

Partner With Others by creating:

  • OEM, Joint Licensing and Development Agreements with compatible technology providers;
  • Marketing and Distribution Arrangements for use with sales agents or channel partners; and
  • Debt or Equity Instruments for current or new investors offering capital.

Buy (or Sell) Assets through the preparation of the company for the:

  • Acquisition of assets that are complimentary to current products and services;
  • Divestiture of non-core assets or businesses; and
  • Identification and "Spin-out" of undervalued assets.

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